I was born in Teramo in the early hours of May 21st in 1981. At the age of 5, a few weeks before my first day of school, for the first time I held a guitar pushed by the desire to emulate my father who was also a guitar player.

I started my musical education on the records and tapes I found scattered around the house, I remember very well those covers and labels with names like Bob Dylan, Little Richard, Beatles, Donovan, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin.
When the number of chords I knew started to grow I decided it was time to study guitar and music theory a bit more seriously.

In June 1993 my family and I moved to Montorio al Vomano, a little village near Teramo where I formed my very first band: the H2O.
Later I had the opportunity to play with a few more bands including The Boomerang, Gli Anfiteatri, Jellyfish and the Rock and roll, The flaming clouds, the mufflers and Amentia.
In 2003, I moved for 5 months in the north of England where I formed the band “The likes” along with more English musicians with some active concerts in clubs and pubs.

In 2006 I approached jazz music for the first time thanks to clarinetist Fabrizio Leonetti who asked me to form a band called Fa Maggiore Jazz Band.
After two years I took part in the national competition for guitarists organized by FBT brand where I ranked third with my song “The busker song”.

In 2011 shortly after my father passed away I was contacted by trumpet player Alessandro Di Bonaventura to join his new project called “The soul buddies” with which I am still active and for which I wrote several original pieces including the single entitled “good enough” released in March 2019.
Shortly after the birth of the Soul buddies, I joined a parallel band called “Dixie Hogs” a Dixieland band and that still today has an intense live activity.

In March 2019 I won the “Italia’s got talent” TV show together with pianist Antonio Sorgentone with whom I have been collaborating since the early 2000s and with whom I still frequently perform live and in the studio.

In addition to my projects, I had the pleasure to share the stage with a few more international artists such as American drummer Rick Latham and Canadian singer Rebecca Noelle.