Remo Leonzi was born in Teramo in the early hours of May 21st in 1981. At the age of 5, a few weeks before his first day of school, he picked up a guitar pushed by the desire to emulate his father, who was also a guitar player. Shortly thereafter, he began his musical education, studying the LP’s and tapes he found scattered around the house, titled with names like Bob Dylan, Little Richard, The Beatles, Donovan, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Janis Joplin.

As his playable repertoire expanded, Remo decided it was time to study guitar and music theory a bit more seriously. In June 1993 his family moved to Montorio al Vomano, a little village near Teramo where Remo formed his very first band: The H2O. Following that, he had the opportunity hone his sound with a few more acts including The Boomerang, Gli Anfiteatri, Jellyfish and the Rock & Roll, The Flaming Clouds, The Mufflers and Amentia.

In 2003, Remo spent 5 months in the north of England. While there, he formed the band: The Likes along with the local musicians, quickly moving on to perform concerts in many of the local clubs and pubs. In 2006 Remo began to play jazz music after a proposal from clarinetist Fabrizio Leonetti to form a band called: Fa Maggiore Jazz Band. Two years later, he took part in the FBT brand national competition for guitarists, where he ranked third with his original piece: “The Busker Song”.

In 2011 shortly after losing his father, Remo was contacted by trumpet player Alessandro Di Bonaventura to form a new project called: The Soul Buddies. Remo has written several original pieces for the band. including their most recent single “Good Enough” released March 2019. Shortly after the birth of The Soul Buddies, Remo joined a parallel band called: Dixie Hogs, a Dixieland band and that is also currently very active.

In March 2019, together with pianist Antonio Sorgentone, Remo’s group won the 1st place title in the popular television series: “Italy’s Got Talent”. This was a collaboration dating back to the early 2000s, and it will now be found on even more stages nationwide.

In november 2019 the first Remo’s solo album called Flashbacks is released, it’s a collection of songs written by Remo himself and performed by his band.

In addition to his many projects, Remo had the pleasure to share the stage with a few international artists, such as American drummer Rick Latham and Canadian vocalist Rebecca Noelle.